KSS Services

For Smart & Sustainable Companies in a Secured Business Environment 

We offer complete security services to keep your company fully protected and highly optimized while you fully focus on your core business.


  • Threat assessment and risk analysis
  • Appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures
  • Guiding you to find and choose the optimum approach to fit your business
  • Optimizing flows and asset efficiency

Solution design

  • Designing your custom solution to combine technology and specialized hardware and achieve your security goals
  • Integrating existing and new systems for an easily manageable, tailor-made solution
  • We embed audit trails and analytics to enable continuously better security management


  • Turning plans into reality based on our extensive experience in solution implementation
  • We implement the most 4 important components of a physical security plan: access control, surveillance, fire detection and prevention systems, and security testing
  • Dedicated, experienced team and timely delivery


  • Defining your preventive maintenance plan
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • Issue detection
  • Immediate response & repairs when necessary
  • Preventing possible system or component failures and anticipating unwanted situations (breaches, intrusions, fire)