KSS Solutions

Our security solutions perfectly fit the needs of Property Management Companies, Hotels, Business Parks, Residential Parks, Commercial Parks, and Health and Education Institutions.

Integrated Security Solutions - Tailor-made, reliable security solutions

Fire & gas detection and prevention.

High performance detectors and central systems for sensing smoke and excessive heat or fire, and triggering alerts

Integrated video surveillance.

Design, installation, service, monitoring and integration for custom solutions that fit your specific business needs.

Access control systems.

Protect your business assets and company information by granting access to the right people within specific areas, at the right time.

Physical security information management.

The platform that integrates and correlates disparate security applications and devices and makes them governable from one single interface.

Intelligent Building Management Systems

A sustainable life starts with managing your buildings in the smartest way. We make your buildings more intelligent and efficient by using processes to automatically control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems.Our solutions help owners, operators and facility managers improve asset reliability and performance, optimize space, and reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

  • Increased energy efficiency – automation accounts for a 30% decrease in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Intelligent & maximized security – high tech surveillance cameras, smart door locks, intelligent smoke detection, fire prevention and detection, access control.
  • Centralized building management – connecting and integrating disparate systems for increased visibility and efficiency.
  • Increased staff productivity and comfort by automating the building’s features (lighting, heating, cooling, space usage).

Home Automation

More living, less handling.

Take advantage of the power of intelligent devices that automatically handle and optimize your home, from ensuring your daily well-being, safety and comfort to reducing energy consumption

  • Security – cameras and sensors, smart door locks
  • Lighting – WI-FI connected LED bulbs
  • Heating & cooling – schedule, monitor and remotely control your home temperature
  • Multimedia – your music comes with you in every part of the house and not only

All connected and integrated, easy to manage from your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.


All our solutions benefit from dedicated maintenance specialists who make sure you remain fully protected and safe on the long run.

– Regular fire maintenance:

  • Fire detection
  • Hydrants & sprinklers
  • Smoke exhaust

– Regular security maintenance

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection & alarms