The Crucial Need for BMS, Security Systems and Fire Protection System Maintenance during the Pandemic

Stay-at-home orders and travel limitation directives have left many office buildings and shopping malls nearly empty or dramatically hibernating, which makes them vulnerable to vandalism, intrusions, and fire. We are facing unprecedented times that need adequate prevention measures, to make sure there are no incidents or additional burden on assets and people. This is why it is a good time for properly maintaining the building management systems, the security systems, and fire detection and prevention systems in place, to ensure smooth building functioning during the pandemic and once the buildings start to work again at full capacity.

Fire detection and prevention systems are essential in keeping buildings and shopping malls safe during inactive times when any incident can go unnoticed and escalate. The same goes for security systems, such as access control, video surveillance or utility consumption optimization. We have the current example of Veranda Mall in Bucharest where we ensure the maintenance of security systems to prevent vandalism or theft attempts while the building is mainly empty. We also maintain the fire detection and prevention systems to make sure all assets are fully protected. Checks are made using both the management application and the hardware on-premises on a regular basis. Moreover, we receive alerts and notices from the application in case any aspect in the building needs attention or a closer look.

Another example is Honeywell Garett’s factory in Bucharest where we ensure the maintenance of the building management system (BMS) responsible for consumption tracking and optimization. Large facilities and buildings, such as factories or shopping malls, need to be very thoroughly monitored in terms of utility consumption, as any error can lead to financial losses that build up on a daily basis. This covers the careful monitoring of water, electric energy, and ventilation consumption followed by optimization measures where necessary.

This quiet, inactive period is a good time to make sure all your essential BMS, security and fire detection systems are up and running to keep your assets and people well protected.

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