Smart Face Recognition & Temperature Measurement – Your Company’s Strong Allies for Avoiding COVID-19 Spread after May 15th

We are facing an unprecedented global crisis, which not only affected our economy, but it also had an impact on more sensitive areas of our lives: personal safety, personal freedom and daily activities that we considered normal before this moment, like going to work, school, the gym, or the grocery store. It seems that we are going to slowly get back to normal, but opening up public places and going back to work or study will raise new contamination challenges and will, therefore, need special measures.

These measures include custom #access #control to make sure your employees and visitors enter the building only if they have a normal temperature, wear a mask, and can be recognized, to avoid intruders. Our new age access control devices do exactly this, by using high-performance cameras and tablets:

  • temperature measurement in real-time as someone enters
  • face mask detection
  • face scanner and recognition even with the mask on
  • alarm notifications in case of high temperature, no face mask-wearing or unknown people trying to get in

Having this system in place is particularly useful to our customers in:

Places with access control and visitor management:

  • Government, commercial and residential buildings
  • Schools, academies, universities
  • Factories, industrial & manufacturing companies

Public places with people flow analysis:

  • Infrastructure objects, border checkpoints, airports, railway stations
  • Retail business, shopping centers, stores
  • Stadiums, cinemas, museums, library, entertainment
  • HoReCa & Tourism

The new access control can be implemented in less than 2 weeks to make sure you are well prepared for the upcoming period.

Ready to start? Send us your inquiry at Stay protected. Stay safe.

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