6 Steps to a Secured Workplace and Why It Matters

Having a secured workplace is essential to both your physical assets and important data. It also keeps your team protected from unwanted intruders and your ICT free from breaches. Creating an efficient security plan will lead to a safe work environment and will also increase your building’s efficiency in terms of energy consumption through automating lighting, heating or ventilation.

There are some key steps to follow so that a company, no matter the size, stays safe and efficient:

1.Control and secure the access into your building– you can use access cards that keep track of who is going in and out. Cards are harder to replicate than usual keys. More so, photo ID cards will help you know who should be in the building and who should not and makes everyone identifiable in case anything happens. You can also install the proper lock systems that are most suitable for your building’s specific needs.

*Prima access control systems

2. Ensure perimeter security – implement a proper surveillance system that includes intrusion alarms, motion detectors and video surveillance with video analysis. All these are key to preventing any unwanted breach into your office.

3. Optimize your building’s design and consumption– your building should include safety features combined with energy saving solutions: is lighting optimized? Is every area lightened up according to its purpose? Are there any areas that consume more energy than they should? Proper energy optimization can result in an up to 40% decrease in energy consumption. Also, make sure all entries and exits are visible and can be easily monitored.

4. Ensure fire and gas detection – having a fire and gas detection strategy in place prevents accidents from occurring. Having said this, suppression systems are essential in keeping your staff and assets protected. Choose an authorized, experienced company to design and install your custom fire and gas detection system.

5. Train and maintain a security-conscious team– It is highly important to make the whole team aware of the importance of physical security at the workplace and everybody’s role in supporting it. Regular training and clear procedures are essential for keeping everybody informed and security-conscious.

6. Keep your IT systems up to date – whether we talk about physical security or cybersecurity, it is important to keep all your systems, computers and telecommunications secured and updated.

Following these steps will provide a safe working environment for all employees and customers and you will build a solid reputation as a reliable, security-aware company.


Let us know your company’s specific profile and needs so we can come up with a custom set of solutions for your business. 

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