The Switch in Business and Physical Security through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

Last year was a turnaround year that made me see things from new perspectives. I entered a new professional stage by taking the challenging road of entrepreneurship and founded a physical security business. For those who know me, this would seem like the next thing to do after a long track record of project implementation and management. And so it was. But for some important reasons.

I envision a business world where people are connected and confident.  

My mission is to give businesses a sense of connection and confidence that supports them in growing their business, rather than worrying about access control, perimeter security or information leaks. I prefer all of us lived in a safe world, where confidence and trust were granted by default. Unfortunately, we don’t. So I turned this dream into a business mission to ensure connection, security, transparency and confidence by designing, implementing and maintaining custom physical security solutions.

Companies need less operational hassle and more time for what matters. 

I see a lot of going back and forth on decisions, agendas and time-consuming meetings simply because companies are often afraid to address critical issues in a direct manner. Physical security is one of the issues. The belief that ‘it won’t happen to us’ could be a lucky guess, but won’t grant protection. Many companies don’t have the specialized resources to handle and assess physical security issues or the instruments to choose the next steps correctly. So I took the role of advising and guiding them to choose the most appropriate personalized solutions to fit their security needs.

I made the commitment to deliver what and when I said I would, no matter how hard.

Every project comes with its challenges and joys. At first, there are mostly challenges that can delay the entire work or threat the scope if not handled with the right expertise and solutions. In the end, it’s all about making people feel lighter, safer and happier, knowing that their project and ultimately their company are in good hands. So I and my team make no compromise in achieving this by keeping the final goal in mind no matter the challenges we meet along the way.

The switch to entrepreneurship completely changed the balance of time and made me feel more responsible, more aware and more engaged in everything I do. The feeling that I can help so many people in achieving their business and personal goals is what gives me the energy and will to walk the extra mile and make it happen.  

Sebastian Serban, Founder KSS


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